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The Truth About Grief

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross may have transformed the American outlook on grief and loss with her book “On Death and Dying”, and there is no question that her work led to many refinements in the way the health system deals with death which have helped many people.

At the same time, Kubler-Ross was not a researcher and apparently she never had any of her writing appear in a fully reviewed medical journal. Her work was anecdotal in nature and limited to a relatively small number of patients who were learning to cope with the idea of terminal illness. It is very possible that she missed a great deal of important detail as a result.

In recent years a great deal of proper research has been conducted and a different picture has emerged about how grieving works in most people. According to several working in the field, grief counseling does not appear to have a significant impact for the vast majority of people who have experienced a death. At the same time, these same researchers note that for those with serious grief problems (somewhere between 10% and 20% of grievers) are probably best served by receiving care from a fully trained metal health professional.

Ruth Davis Konigsberg in her new book The Truth About Grief attempts to outline the new research and to also debunk some of the misconceptions that may have become “common knowledge” without being particularly true.

For those who want to explore current thinking about grief and grieving, this may be a good place to begin.

To purchase the book, click the Amazon link below and for more about Ruth Konigsberg you may click here to view her website.


Here are several pictures from a mock accident staged at the Fairhaven High School to help discourage driving under the influence at prom time. We were asked to provide a hearse for the scene and you will see our managing funeral director, Larry Sylvia pictured as well.

Many thanks to Wayne Oliviera, Public Information Officer of the Fairhaven Fire Department for the opportunity to help out. Thanks as well to the many people who volunteered that day to get the word out about being smart and safe at prom time and at all times.


Blogging = Conversation

Welcome to the Hathaway Family Funeral Homes weblog, called FuneralWords. For now this page will act as a placeholder, but as revisions to the Hathaway website come together over the Summer, you will find these postings incorporated into www.hathawayfunerals.com.

I want to see this blog become a conversation. I will try to post helpful information and worthy news items here and I encourage readers (especially those served directly by our funeral homes) to comment back and let me know of their experiences in arranging and holding services with us.

And if there’s a particular topic you want me to cover, do not hesitate to drop me a note via email. I’ll do my best to respond to specific requests as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading,

William “BT” Hathaway

A Funeral on “Glee”

What a surprise to find a funeral played out on the often snarky Fox Television program Glee.

Thankfully they left the snark behind and did a beautiful job remembering “Jean”, a woman with special needs who had played as the sister of “Sue” in several episodes. I haven’t been able to find a news story which explains the real life circumstances, but it appears that the woman passed away recently and this program was designed as a special tribute to her.

Right now you can view the episode here, though this link will not last more than a few weeks.